Why African Women Don’t Like To Post Profile Pictures on Dating Websites.

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The internet dating scene has changed over the years. The online dating community is increasing daily, from Europe to Asia, North America to Australia, Africa to South America. Social media has also been the darling of everyone. With our busy schedules, it is very difficult and challenging to meet new people. Now if you are a type of lady that does not go to a club, parties, social gatherings and you are always busy at work, and arrive home late, your best viable option is to try online dating.

Afterall, you summoned the courage to Sign up on a dating website, and then for some reason, you upload your picture and use a flower, an Instagram text post, a frog or toad, an avatar and so many other strange profile representations we have seen on our platform at AfricanLoving

Now, what could be the reason why a lady in her 20s, early 30s or late 30s and possibly in her 40s, use a strange profile pic. Could this be an issue of trust or a societal condition?  I understand that as Africans, we really love our privacy and in this modern age of social media, privacy is a big deal. Ada who is in her late 30s spoke to us in an exclusive interview and acknowledged using a glass jar as a profile pic on our dating site.  The fear of being noticed on an African dating site by someone she knows made her very uncomfortable.

Check out the below profile picture.


This is very troubling. Why is it troubling?

It is because your chances of ever meeting someone on a dating site is very very slim if you continue to use these objects as your profile pic.  No one will show interest because they do not know what you look like.

Uploading a profile picture shouldn’t be a hassle. Your profile picture will help you get noticed easily, It will also make your dating profile more appealing and get more than  5x people to contact you.


Why African Women Use Inanimate Objects As Profile Pictures. by Omonaija


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Why African Women Don't Like To Post Profile Pictures on Dating Websites. by
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