Concierge Matchmaking – Personalized Matchmaking Services

AfricanLoving Concierge provides personalized matchmaking services for individuals based on their goals towards marriage or a long-term relationship.  Our ultimate goal is to help individuals who are single connect with others for marriage. Personalized services include the following:

  1. Consultation: Via video or voice call
  2. Introduction to eligible singles
  3. Client Support: Via email


Every individual in our database has been vetted. Our private pool of singles have been screened for the following information

-Background check*

-Marital status: single, divorced or separated.

-Current Location

-Sex Offender Registry*

-Social Media Verification

-Career Information 

 -Academic Background
*Applicable only to US residents

+++++++++ MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ++++++++

-70% Money Back Guarantee after 90 days if we don’t find you a match.
– 30% Non-Refundable Service and Processing Fee

– Your information will be saved in our database and we will contact you as soon as we find a match.
– The 30% service and processing fee will be applied towards the next prospective matching.



+++++++++++ PROCESS ++++++++++
Concierge Matchmaking – Personalized Matchmaking Services
1. Email us at
2. We will respond with an email: terms and conditions will be in the form.
– Fill the form

-Select date and time on Calendar for Video/Voice Call
-Make a Payment:
3. Do Video/Voice call.
4. Background check.  (Available for people in the US.


+++++++++++ CONTACT US +++++++++++

Interested? Email us here  Once we receive your message, a member of the AfricanLoving Matchmaking team will contact you with next steps.