Are these 4 crazy, traditional reasons enough to explain why Nigerian Men Cheat?

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Why do Nigerian Men Cheat?

Why do men cheat? This is a frequently searched topic for almost every woman but because the typical Nigerian single or married woman is very ready to settle down, we want to look at four crazy traditional reasons why Nigerian men cheat.

1.) Nigeria’s population

It’s common knowledge that Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa with above 150 million people. It’s also basic knowledge that the ratio for women to men is higher. So, with a small amount of men in a country with such a large population, Nigerian men would tell you, “we are just trying to help those women who may not have man to marry or even date.” They claim cheating is an excuse to rescue the “unwanted” women with sex and love.

2.) Ego

Majority of Nigerian men are proud and full of ego. A Nigerian man believes he is a lord, commander or head at all times even in their homes. They always feel dominant in their relationships. So, they can do whatever they want because it’s a man’s world… including having mistresses outside their marriages. To some of them, marriage is means to have someone they trust give and raise of their kids  properly. But they are free to do anything else and shouldn’t be questioned.

3.) Tradition

Oh yes, “my father did, so I should too”. Like it or not, this is one insane excuse why some Nigerian men cheat. Cheating seems like a deed passed on from one generation of men unto the other. Some of these men grew up in polygamous homes or even homes where their fathers brought different women home despite their mothers living there. Years later, they naturally want to do the same forgetting that eras have changed.

4.) Barren wives

This is a popular excuse among some Nigerian married men. Being married for 5, 10 and above years with no child becomes the perfect reason to have relationships outside their marriages… in the name of looking for a child. Sometimes they don’t even have to a thing. Families instigate these clandestine affairs for the men careless what the childless wife would say or do.

Will this ever going to stop?

This article was written by Joan Ngomba- Joan Ngomba is a Category Editor at Pulse. A writer, VJ and producer, Joan has a BA Degree in History and Archaeology. She lives entertainment and enjoys talking showbiz.

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Are these 4 crazy, traditional reasons enough to explain why Nigerian Men Cheat? by
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