5 things women do not appreciate in Nigerian men

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things nigerian women dont like in nigerian men

Heated argument

Nigerian men definitely have some annoying attitudes they put up that women find ridiculous and frustrating. While it is normal for couples to go through rough patches in their relationships, Nigerian men do certain thing that leave women wondering if they really want to stay in that relationship or not.

Same way men get turned off by some things women do, women also have certain things they cannot stand when it comes to Nigerian men. In truth, some of these men could be overbearing and insensitive to the women’s needs. They also feel the world revolve around them and the women are there for their own comfort.

In a typical Nigerian setting or family, the boys avoid doing some chores in the house because the society thinks it is not their right and they take this attitude into adulthood. They expect women to be relegated to the kitchen; they also have funny mentality about what they should do and when it should be done.

1. The uncivilized way they shout: Nigerian men are guilty of this charge; they shout in uncivilized manner and would leave you wondering if they are different from any of the agberos you see daily on the roads. When most of them are behind the wheels, they act like they are possessed and start to shout and respond to every tom, dick and harry that offends them. women hate this attribute of theirs as they end up disgracing them with their uncultured attitude.

Heated argument


2. Their wavering dress sense: Many Nigerian men do not know how to dress; they do not know what fits what occasion and what does not. Women help them in this aspect as they hate to be disgraced. You sometimes see grown up men dressing the way young boys dress; some go on to sag so they could look like the music gangsters. We need not tell you there are certain clothes that fit certain stages in one’s life.
3. Dirtiness: Some Nigerian men would really piss you off in this aspect; they are so dirty they see nothing wrong in wearing the same shirt for a week. If they could be that unbothered about their physical appearance then how clean will their boxers be? Have you tried getting in the bus with weird looking Nigerian men who smell worse than locust beans? Women hate it when they have to put up with the strong smell that emanates from their body coupled with the fact that they appear dirty.

dirty men
4. Their selfish attitude: Some Nigerian men could bore you out with details of their lives; all they want to do is talk about themselves and pay little or no attention to the things you have to say. Women hate it when they are being ignored and the men love to bore them with their own tales.
5. The way they sleep off while you are talking: Nigerian men have a way of making women feel irrelevant; once they are not doing the talking or having sex, they tend to get distracted while the women are talking to them. Women hate it when men sleep off while they are trying to hold an important discussion with them in bed.

sleep off naija men

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