4 Reasons Why You Should Marry A Nigerian Man With African Roots

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  1. Great relationship with his parents: In African cultures, men take care of not only their wives and children, but also their parents and even grandparents. If you’re tired of meeting men who don’t have good relationships with their parents, that probably won’t be an issue with an African man.
  2. He is proud to be a husband: Whereas in many western cultures, where men are taught to see marriage as some sort or prison— something that takes away their freedom — Nigerian men with African roots see it as a means to new freedom. The way people view him will definitely change. Now he is grown past being a boy.  Most Nigerian men are very proud of their family. He will certainly let everyone know that he has a wife and children (if he has one).




3. Always Looking forward to home cooked meal: Nigerian men do not play with their food. Most especially when prepared by his lovely wife and heartthrob. You can always be assured that he will not be stopping by any side road restaurant or mama cass food. No fast foods either and you can count on him to carry his lunch bag with him to work if you pack his launch to go.  :-

4. He is very confident: Nigerian men are very confident. They also take pride in being a provider. The sense of responsibility is ingrained by default. He takes pride in being a provider, protector, defender, adviser, and intense lover.



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